Oct 24, 2007

Twins Still in the Oven

We're only four days away from the thirty-two week mark. Good times. Julie is doing all the work and I must say she is doing an awesome job. Her doctors have given her rave reviews lately and we're very excited to have made it this far, especially after two early trips to the hospital. Julie deserves all the credit in the world. This is no easy task. We have our next ultrasound on Tuesday and I can't wait to see the twins again. I just want Mom and babies to be healthy!

I thought my gut was getting big...


Hoolie said...

I'm enormous! Anyone that sees this picture will soon realize why EVERYONE comments that my baby must be due any day. They are, of course, surprised to find out that they are not due until December 23rd. I then have to tell everyone that they're twins, so that's why I look SO BIG. This explanation is getting tiresome, but I know everyone has good intentions.

Chatter said...

Cute picture :)
You look good Julie! You are doing great and almost there!!