Oct 31, 2007

Babies, Houses and Robert Goulet

Julie went to the hospital (Miami Valley) this morning with contractions and it seems to be the "real deal" this time. They are working hard to hold off delivery for at least another 48 hours to allow some medication to take affect that will help the babies if they do in fact come early. (We're currently at 32 1/2 weeks.) The twins could be here any time now, but it would be great if they can hold off for another couple weeks. We'll see. More details later.

Of course, we also had our first house showing in months today. Haven't heard from our realtor how it went. We're averaging about one viewing every two months...

Oh and of course we're also supposed to meet with our builder tomorrow because they're ready to start framing our new house. Damn you Murphy and your stupid law!!!

And God bless Robert Goulet.

I'll try to keep you posted.  Peace out.