Oct 25, 2007

Guest Blog Today - Doug Belle

Hank 4 Life
Today I have lost.
Today I have cried.
Today I peed on the floor and ate part of a cushion.
Of course, my wife met our beloved Hank, so she understood.
I think she got angry when I licked my pee and looked cute doing it.
I remember Hank like it was yesterday, and trust me, I don't remember yesterday like it was yesterday.
I can honestly say that I became a dog lover because of Hank.
Times are changing my friend.
I guess it's just me and Jameson slugging Mickey's and watching Bring It On in French these days.
Hank 4 life.

- Doug Belle
October 25, 2007

1 comment:

Crunch said...

The Cotton Candy Maker!!

Quite possibly the greatest gift ever given as a wedding present.