Oct 4, 2007

Get Ready

I'm beginning to get this feeling that the twins are going to be arriving sooner rather than later. We'll be at 29 weeks on Sunday, so we need these babies to stay put a little while longer. Maybe we should start getting ready...


Hoolie said...

Me too . . . I am guessing somewhere between week 33 and 35. I would like to make it to 37, but I look like I'm 12 months pregnant. I'm not sure how much longer my body is going to make it.

Chatter said...

Holy Shit! Are you guys serious? I can't believe you are already to week 29. I have to say though, if they come early, I'd be happy to see them at Thanksgiving if we make it home. Good luck with these last few weeks. Get your butts in gear and get things ready you two procrastinators.

James I tagged ya on my blog.
miss ya all!
love, Chan