Oct 24, 2007

Dog Owners We Are Not

Hank joined his new family today so that leaves us with zero pets (not counting the kittens that have now returned to our garden). Hank's new owner is terminally ill with cancer and is essentially confined to his home. His wife will take care of the dog walks and such, but the rest of the time Hank will be doing what he loves best -- radiating heat in someone's lap. For Hank, this is a return to the glory days when he lived with another invalid who had no qualms about sharing the couch with a canine 24 hours a day. (That would be Doug Belle pre-job, pre-wife, pre-life).

The house seems a little empty and quiet today, not necessarily in a bad way -- just different. I'll miss the excited greetings after work, the play fighting and I'll definitely miss the guaranteed thorough floor cleaning around Jameson's highchair.

I will not miss doo-doo crusted lawnmower wheels.

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