Aug 1, 2007

Catch Up

Time for an update on the babies, the house and the half-marathon.

Julie seems to be doing well as long as she's getting enough sleep.  That, of course, tends to be easier said than done.  Everything looked good at her last doctor's appointment and we have another ultrasound scheduled in two weeks.  I'm really looking forward to that visit.  I can't wait to see how much they've grown since week 15.  Having twins adds a new level of stress to the pregnancy, but I do enjoy getting to see them at our required monthly ultrasounds.  We're already past the halfway mark -- I can't believe how fast it is going.

FYI - There's been another lead paint recall.  This one affects several brands from Mattel.  Click here for the affected products.

Nothing to report, yet, on the new house.  We did meet with the designer to pick out things like carpet and cabinets but right now it's still just a lot.

Unfortunately, there's also no news to report on the current house either.  Two and a half weeks on the market and not a single nibble.  We've got an open house on Sunday.  I'll be happy to have even one person see the house.  Maybe I can convince my cousin Chandra to buy our house.

It has it's ups and downs.  The farthest I've run so far is only 5 miles (just over a third of the distance for which I'm training).  It's gone surprisingly well -- I've already dropped a few pounds and I feel pretty good after most runs.  Unfortunately, I've caught the bug that Jameson had (see the whole story here).  This lead me to take today off when I should have been running 6 miles.  Hopefully I can make it up tomorrow on my scheduled off day.

Every night after I give Jameson a bath, I read a few stories to him before bedtime.  Recently he was kind enough to return the favor.  Interestingly, the only word in this story, repeated over and over on every page, was "orack" (Lorax).  AND I usually read three different books to Jameson each night whereas I had the same book read to me three times in a row.  I think I got ripped off.

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Chandra said...

Love the pictures and the stories!!! He is such a doll. The property you are building at is so pretty. That will be nice having all the trees. Good luck with running. I need to get my *ss in shape.