Jul 22, 2007


Hi, I'm James.

I've got dibs on this coming fall.

My wife, Julie, and I found out a couple of months ago that we are (she is) pregnant with twins.  God willing, they will be arriving some time this fall, shortly after our first son turns two.  Which should be right around the time we're moving out of our current house and moving into the house we just started building.  (Well, we're not actually building it ourselves. That's what we're paying other people to do. On top of becoming a parent of multiples and building a house, I've also decided to run my first half-marathon this fall.  I'm 20 pounds overweight and haven't done any vigorous exercise for a few years, so I'm sure I can get in race shape in a few weeks.  (Here's the training program I'm supposed to be on right now.)

Got all that?  Twins to go with our two year old.  Sell current house and move to yet-to-be-built house.  Run half marathon.  All coming this fall.

So I figure what better time to start a blog.

Here are some pictures to get us started.

This is my son, Jameson.

Jameson and Julie.  (I swear she picked out the outfit.)

Me with my godson.

That's it for now.  I've got to go run 13 miles...


Chandra said...

Welcome to the blogging world. You'll love it :)
The pics are great and good luck on the half marathon; I didn't know you were doing that. Kirstyn is doing a triathalon this summer. You guys have more ambition than I do. Can't wait to keep up with your lives.

Bubba said...

James, nice web page. seriously. i saw julie's too. i'm pretty sure i can sue you guys for the picture julie has on the top of her webpage, seeing as how it's my photograph!!!! my lawyer will be contacting you. I'd have a blog, expect there wouldn't be anything to put on it and oh, i don't have a digital camera to add pictures. see ya later